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DR. S C DEBS Alfalfa Malt with Ginseng 500g
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Brand: DR. S C DEBS Quantity: 500g
About DR.S.C DEB'S Alfalfa Malt with Ginseng DR.S.C DEB'S Alfalfa Malt is one of the best of it's kind. It is made with Ginseng, one of the costliest herbs in Homeopathy. Alfalfa Malt helps to improve the nutrition level of your body, solves the problem of indigestion and also loss of appetite. Regu..
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DR. S C DEBS Rheumalin 60tab
-18 %
Brand: DR. S C DEBS Quantity: 60tab
About DR.S.C DEB'S Rheumalin Rheumalin Tablet by DR.S.C DEB'S is specially made for patients who are suffering from severe joint pain, knee joint pain and also treats rheumatoid arthiritis and osteoarthiritis. Rheumalin Tablet is a pure result of Homeopathy where our R&D team has achieved this produ..
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