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Bad Taste in Mouth

Bioforce Blooume 36 Gastronol Tablets 30g
-18 %
Brand: Bioforce Quantity: 30g
Also known asBloum 36, Blom 36 GastroPropertiesWeight100 (gms)Dimensions4.3 (cm) x 4.3 (cm) x 7.2 (cm)Bioforce Blooume 36 Gastronol Tablets Indication of Bioforce Blooume 36 Gastronol Tablets Abdominal Pain, Flatulence, Flatulent colic, Cramps in abdomen, Constipation Composition of Bioforce Blooume..
Rs102.50 Rs125.00
Ex Tax:Rs102.50
Haslab DROX 13 Gastrol Drops - Gastritis 30ml
-18 %
Brand: Haslab Quantity: Gastrol Drops - Gastritis 30ml
Also known asDROX 13, gatroPropertiesWeight80 (gms)Dimensions4 (cm) x 3 (cm) x 8 (cm)Haslab DROX 13 (Gastrol Drops - Gastritis) Indication of Haslab DROX 13 (Gastrol Drops - Gastritis) Gastritis, Dyspepsia, Heartburn, Frequent Belching, Bad Taste in Mouth Action of Ingredients used in Haslab DROX 13..
Rs114.80 Rs140.00
Ex Tax:Rs114.80
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