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Brand: AGRO AYURVEDIC Quantity: Agrow Arsh Kalyan Capsules
Description Benefits: Stops bleeding promptly in case of bleeding pilesRelieves constipationHeals fissure in anal & fistulaeRestores normal Gastro-Intestinal functionActs as anti-inflammatoryImproves blood circulation  Indications: Bleeding & Non-bleeding piles, Fissure in Anal, Fi..
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Brand: AGRO AYURVEDIC Quantity: Agrow Dant Aushadhi
Description Product Features : For All Types of Tooth Problems Benefits : Effective cure of dental problemsPrevents dental ailments and keeps gum and teeth shining and healthyBest for mouth freshening and alleviate foul smell from mouthCures dental painBleeding gumsSensitive rootsLooseness of d..
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Brand: AGRO AYURVEDIC Quantity: Agrow Energy
Description Benefits Improves spermatogenesisCorrects erectile dysfunctionDevelop interest in depressed patientsMood elevatorA natural vitalizer and energizerImproves ImmunityStamina & StrengthServes to rejuvenate the whole body Indications: Erectile dysfunction, Loss of libido, premature e..
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Description Health Benefits of Giloy (Giloy) Boosts Immunity Giloy is recognized to accord longevity, enhances memory, improves health, and bestows youth. This herb, activates the immune system of the body, boosting immunity and promoting vitality in a person. Detoxification Giloy works..
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Brand: AGRO AYURVEDIC Quantity: Agrow KhasEnd Cough Syrup
Description Benefits Relief from dry, wet and allergic coughThroat irritationChest congestionBronchitis Usage:  Children : 5ml to 10ml 3-4 times a day. Adults : 10ml to 15ml 3-4 times a day. Ideal for: All 12+ age peoples. Key Ingredients: Adusa | Kateli | Mulethi | Haridra | ..
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Brand: AGRO AYURVEDIC Quantity: Agrow Lal Tail 200ml
Description Benefits: Strengthen bones and muscles of babiesPromote physical growthNourishes baby’s tender skinPleasant odour Usage directions: Take 4-5ml oil and gently massage it on baby’s body 2-3 times a day as per the instructions on the back cover of monocarton. Suggested use : For ..
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Brand: AGRO AYURVEDIC Quantity: Agrow Mahan Churan 100 gm
Description Benefits: Liquefy hard feel matterImproves colonic toneAlleviate all abdominal related problemsCures Chronic constipation ,Gas & AcidityHeals mouth ulcer. Indications: Chronic constipation, Rebound constipation, Drugs induced constipation, Flatulence. Ideal for: All 12+ age peo..
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Brand: AGRO AYURVEDIC Quantity: Agrow MuamaCur Lotion
Description Benefits: Heals all sort of mouth ulcersProvides soothing effectsImproves bad breathRemoves dead skin around ulcers. Indications: Stomatitis, mouth ulcers. Ideal for: Those chewing pan and pan masala, gutkha etc. Usage: Pour 8-10 drops on the tongue and spread around .After t..
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Brand: AGRO AYURVEDIC Quantity: Agrow Ramastra Pain Capsules
DescriptionJudicious combination of established anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic ayurvedic herbs. Relieves pain, stiffness and restores natural mobility. Chondroprotective. It is highly effective in providing relief from back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain, neck pain, waist pain..
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Brand: AGRO AYURVEDIC Quantity: Agrow Salt
Description Benefits Enhances the digestion processGives pleasant taste Usage: It can be used with salad, curd, chutney etc. Ideal for: All 12+ age peoples. Ingredients: Sendha Namak | Kala Namak | Jeera | Heeng | Jawakhar | Soonth | Pipal | Samudri Namak | Kali Mirch..
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Brand: AGRO AYURVEDIC Quantity: Agrow Super Shilajeet Capsules
Description Benefits: AphrodisiacMood elevatorImmuno-modulatorGives about balanced and harmonious healthIt acts as a restorative tonic, slowing down wear and tear of body tissues, which in turn delays ageingShilajeet increases the vigour & vitality, nutritive tonic in cases of weakness ..
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Brand: AGRO AYURVEDIC Quantity: Agrow Tulsamrit Drops
AGROW Tulsamirt Drops Ocimum means “fragrant lipped” ; sanctum, “sacred” and basil, “royal”. Tulsi contains alkaloids, fats, carbohydrates, protein, glycosides, phenols, saponins, tannins and terpenes. The essential component of Tulsi are mainly volatile terpenes and phenols. Tulsi possess..
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