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Brand: AMBIC AYURVEDIC Quantity: Ambic Ayurved India Pvt. Ltd. Aljoint
Description AlJoint Tablet is effective to soothe the joints pain and inflammation that hurt a lot while doing daily chores. AlJoint Tablet is specially manufactured to manage the joint, knee, waist, arthritic, and musculoskeletal pain. Packed with excellent Ayurvedic herbs like Mahayogra..
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Brand: AMBIC AYURVEDIC Quantity: Ambic Kamroz
Ayurvedic Medicines It has 6 and 5 capsule It is made of natural ingredients and herbs..
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Brand: AMBIC AYURVEDIC Quantity: Ambic Nav Nirmaan DS Tablet
Facilitates Strong Body Repair Muscle Tissue Effective Muscle Growth Ayurvedic Mass Gainer Gain Muscle Mass Naturally, Increase Body Energy..
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Brand: AMBIC AYURVEDIC Quantity: Ambic Nav Paurush Powder
Nav Paurush Powder This Ayurvedic weight gainer powder is made with the help of effective Ayurvedic ingredients like Ashwagandha, Gokhru, Vidarikanda, Shilajeet, Safed Musli, and many other effective herb..
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Brand: AMBIC AYURVEDIC Quantity: AMBIC NAV PAURUSH Ayurvedic Capsules
Description An effective Ayurvedic product which helps to increase the strength of the body. This capsule is enriched with the goodness of iron, tannin, nitrate, potassium, glucose and fatty acid. Also loaded with important ingredients like somniferin, somnin, affarin and withanahide. This ..
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